Ch. Redkings Wild Desire
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      We Adhere Strictly to a Sound Code of Ethics
and the Irish Setter Club of America's Principles of Integrity
All of our Champion breeding stock are health tested and all litters   
are  carefully planned and placed whether for show or companion     
        purposes with a written contract and guaranteed!
Nancy E. King
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Ch. Redkings Wildcard Draw (Ace)
Ch.Redkings Repeat Sequence(Lexus)
ISCA Annual Awards 2010 We walked the 'red carpet' at the Nationals in Oklahoma
picking up several major Breeder Awards! I am very proud of my redheads and of
Austin who was basically Sire of the Year! ISCA Annual Awards
                                                              ISCA Annual Awards 2010
                                                   Best Sire Award - Dunholm Trophy 2010
                                                             Breeder-Best Sire Award 2010
                                                   Best Sire of Litter Award - Herihunda Trophy 2010
                  Litter Breeder Award -Fyrethorn Trophy - Repeat Litter bred by Nancy E. King sired by Austin
              Breeder/Owner Award (most points) Ramblin' Red Trophy Bred and Owned by Nancy E. King
          and Austin is the sire of the PUPPY DOG AWARD Winner: Anamacara I’m Singin’ In The Rain
                                                 Owners: Gail, Tamara & John Jackson