Hot Litter
UKC GRCH Redking's Colt Forty-Five(Colt) X AKC/INT./U-GRCH. Redkings Hot Country Girl(Mandy)
                                       Breeder  Nancy E. King
                                            DOB 11/18/2001
                                     Seven Girls and Five Boys!
Redkings Hot Dixie Chic (Dallas Star) Pink Girl
Redkings Hot Country Girl(Mandy) Orange Girl
Redkings Hot Indian Summer (Sarah) Blue Girl
Redkings Red Hot Affair (Lacey) Teal Girl
Redkings Too Hot To Handle (Shelby)Yellow Girl
Redkings Hotcakes(Penney) Purple Girl
Redkings Hot Wheels(Bridie) Green Girl
Redkings Hot Toddy(Toddy) Red Boy
Redkings Red Hot Charisma(Rawley) Brown Boy
Redkings Hot Lips(Raphael) Brown/White Boy
Redkings Hot Air Balloon (Bailey) Black Boy
Redkings Hot New Release (Patrick) White Boy