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Lance Corporal Janet King(Pellerin) - Marine
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My Dad - Corporal Jack M Beasley Army
Pictured Graduating ROTC age 17
Granddaughter Tabatha Pellerin completed Basic Training(Boot
Camp) at Fort Jackson in South Carolina she has been trained
as a machine gunner positioned on the top of a Hum V  
Daughter and Son
Combat Mess, Horham, Suffolk, East Anglia WWII
T/Sgt Eugene F. Bowman
Flight Engineer and Top Turret Gunner
My Grandfather WWII USAAF
Barney Glovick Crew and the B-17 I Dood It
Tabatha Class of 2007
The Sikeston (Mo.) Herald
Thursday, March 15, 1945
Page 5
The Presidential Citation and Air Medal with two Oak Leaf clusters were recently awarded T/Sgt. Eugene F.
Bowman, who is serving with the Army Air Corps overseas. Sgt. Bowman, top turret gunner on a B-17, recently
wrote Mrs. Bowman that he had been over "every large town in Germany. The fuel situation is bad in Germany,"
he added, "and so Uncle Sam has sent us over to see what can be done about giving them more heat."
Sgt. Bowman, who received training in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada and Tennessee, has been
in service two years. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bowman.
The Sikeston (Mo.) Herald
Thursday, April 19, 1945
Page 8
In a recent letter from T/Sgt. Gene Bowman to Mrs. Bowman he stated "I can tell you lots of things when I get
home--like coming back from one mission with 175 holes in our plane." Sgt. Bowman has been with the Air Forces
overseas since last August. He is a turret gunner on a B-17.
Eugene Fowler Bowman
b. 3 Aug 1917 in Sikeston, MO
d. 9 May 2002 in Wichita Falls, TX
bur.  11 May 2002 in Wichita Falls, TX (Crestview Cemetery, Garden of Pines) with full military honors provided by
Sheppard AFB
His base was Horham (Station 119) in East Suffolk.  He was in the Eighth Air Force, 13th Combat Wing, 95th
Bombardment Group (H), 336th Bombardment Squadron, Crew No. 5453.  The (H) stands for "Heavy."
His first B-17 was the "Heavy Date."  Later he flew on the "I Dood It." There were ten men on the crew of an Eighth
Air Force heavy bomber.  The pilot and the co-pilot sat in the cockpit, side by side; the navigator and bombardier
were just below, in the plane's transparent Plexiglas nose; and directly behind the pilot was the flight engineer,
who doubled as the top turret gunner. That was T/Sgt. Bowman's  position. Farther back were the radio operator,
two waist gunners, a ball turret gunner, and the tail gunner, Joseph Ray Perry, father of Rick Perry, Governor of
His first mission was over Bremen, Germany.  The "Heavy Date" came under heavy flak and incurred 175 holes in
a matter of seconds, and the top of grandpa's turret was blown out.  His second mission was over Merseburg, and
they almost didn't make it back from that one.  The B-17 is a four-engine aircraft, and they had lost two of them
and were in the process of losing a third when they  limped into Horham, literally on a wing and a prayer.  His last
mission was on Hitler's birthday, 20 Apr 1945, over Berlin.  At last, there was no flak.
T/Sgt Bowman made a career of the Air Force (22 years, 8 months, 9 days), retiring as T/Sgt. at  Sheppard AFB
in Wichita Falls, TX, on 30 Nov 1965.
T Pellerin PFC 2007