The most beautiful woman in the world. My Mother.
                    Carol J. Bowman
Redking Irish Setter Support Team      
   King Family
David King and Ch. Analainn's Sun Dancer(Sunny) 1993 Senior Handler! Dave actually did show Sunny
once Wish I had taken a picture of that!
Sunny was my dog in name only. From the get go she was ALWAYS
Dave's girl. She worshipped the ground he walked on and was faithful to
him to the end.
Sunny Begging a Caramel Apple from Dave. Shaking hands might work!
Dave giving it to her. He always gave in to whatever Sunny wanted
Tug of War Dave and Sunny 1995
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Tim and Amanda King, my grandkids Alex, Shaun, and Nicole
Nicole on 02/28/07
Nicki at Easter 2007
Mom's African Violets on Mothers Day 2008
Nicki Spring 2008
Carol J. Bowman Christmas 2005
Mom and her grandsonEdward Bowman Pearson 1988
Nicki working out! 2009
Nicki and Sean 2009
Sean in 2009 What a handsome young man