Terry All KC April 14th, 2007 Open 1st, WD
Judge Helen M. Haas
Colorado Springs Kennel Club June 10th, 2007 Judge W Bergrum  Open 1st, WD
Roaring Forks KC July 14th, 2007   Judge C J Anderson   BBX 1st, WD, BOW
Council Bluffs KC Saturday November 17th, 2007
Judge J Goodin  Open 1st, WD, BOW  for a Major!
Austin at Ten Weeks
Central /Wyoming Kennel Club May 2005
Judge Mrs. Olmos Olivia   WD  BOS
Cornhusker KC Sunday October 7th, 2007
Judge J E Hungerland  Open 1st, WD, BOW, BOS, for a Major!
      AKC/ International/ UKC Ch. Redkings Double Dog Dare
                                         DOB Feb. 1, 2004
        Bred by Nancy E. King and Sandi Ross/Owner Nancy E. King
OFA Good Hips and Elbows/ThyroidNormal,PRA/CLA clear,/VonWilleBrand Normal, OFA  H&E  Prelim Good   
First AKC  Point 14 months old
Colorado Springs Kennel Club Saturday June 9th, 2007
Judge T M DePeitro  Open 1st, WD, BOB, Sporting Group 4
Cornhusker KC Saturday October 6,th 2007
Judge L Canalizo   Open 1st, WD, BOW, BOS for a Major!
Southern Colorado KC/Saturday November 10th, 2007
Judge C Spritzer    Open 1st, WD, BOS
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                                                              ISCA Annual Awards 2010
                                                      Best Sire Award - Dunholm Trophy 2010
                                                                Breeder-Best Sire Award 2010
                                                      Best Sire of Litter Award - Herihunda Trophy 2010
                     Litter Breeder Award -Fyrethorn Trophy - Repeat Litter bred by Nancy E. King sired by Austin
                 Breeder/Owner Award (most points) Ramblin' Red Trophy Bred and Owned by Nancy E. King
             and Austin is the sire of the PUPPY DOG AWARD Winner: Anamacara I’m Singin’ In The Rain
                                                    Owners: Gail, Tamara & John Jackson